The "Big Dig Life Vest" was created by Christopher Tingus of Harwich and Milton, Massachusetts as a bright orange "visual" message to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' State government and Federal Officials that the largest public works project in the nation in the amount of $15 Billion is riddled with construction defects and cost overruns which to the majority of the good people of Massachusetts and this great nation is "A disgrace and unacceptable."

From newspaper to television press coverage of Mr. Tingus' efforts to bring the taxpayers' frustration and lack of confidence to the forefront of state and federal government attention, with some levity intended, Chris Tingus is as well conveying a very serious concern for public safety among the populace using the tunnels and roadways who truly are anxious as to the safety of the roadways.
While Mr. Tingus continues to hope for the best and is utilizing the "Big Dig Life Vest" as a vehicle to stimulate discussion and to allow individuals to have a representative expressing their concerns, many Massachusetts taxpayers as well as taxpayers from across the country are far more skeptical as to the continuing construction woes being found almost daily.  Many Big Dig workers committed themselves to constructing a quality project. The shoddy workmanship is not representative of the many miles of new access roadways free from such errors assisting motorists in and out of Boston, however as many officials have expressed concerns themselves, those traveling the roadways and those paying their taxes to support such a massive construction effort deserve to know that the hundreds of small leaks and falling tiles are not to become an even greater fear.

To the Governor of Massachusetts, to all the politicians who turned their cheek, Mr. Tingus asks, "Tell me where to send the check and I will send a portion of each "Big Dig Life Vest" sale to a mutually acceptable and designated fund on behalf of Massachusetts and national federal taxpayers to address the compromised construction integrity.  Where is the accountability of those we entrusted to assure both the taxpayer and motorist that the substantial monies invested have provided quality and cost efficiency.




  • April 22, 2005 - WHDH TV Congressional Hearings
  • April 19, 2005 - CNN Interview Boston Big Dig, "A Bumpy Ride Underground"
  • April 12, 2005 - Fox25 News Televised
  • Life-Long Commitment To Public Safety

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