"Mr. Big Dig Life Vest Citizen Tingus"

(All) Press Release....4/24....


" After attending the Congressional Hearings in Boston on Friday, ' Mr. Big Dig Life Vest Citizen Tingus ' states that while it is no surprise, i t is clear that substantial Big Dig monies will never be recovered unless Senators from across this great nation call for a non-partisan 'Blue Ribbon Commission' to investigate the $15Billion Big Dig project which the nation's taxpayers supported and expected accountability for the largest public works project in history.

Further,  Mr. Tingus points to the Ward Commission probe over forty (40) years ago in Boston established in the building of the University of Massachusetts campus in Boston and asks all parties involved in this Big Dig Project intended to improve Life for all in Boston to stand together in resolving the inequities imposed on the Commonwealth's and nation's taxpayers by citing and making a conscious effort to resolve this matter without politicizing this project any more.

Mr. Tingus states that his intention to represent the taxpayers of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and this nation in wearing of the "Big Dig Life Vest" parallels the early 1960's and can be best described by the meaningful words of the late John William Ward, Ward Commission Chair in 1960:

" The single, over-riding thing we have learned is the need for confidence by the citizens of Massachusetts in the conduct of their government. The depth of skepticism, sometimes to the point of outright cynicism, about elected and appointed public officials should be disturbing to private citizens, not just to the politicians. It is a measure of the alienation of people from government and of the erosion of the will to act as citizens.

To restore general confidence in public life means constant and unceasing attention to the particulars of public life, not grand pronouncements about the general good and civic virtue.

Constant and unceasing attention. That's a huge responsibility and right now the present administration is not living up to it."