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As an obvious result of inept fiscal management at Harwich Town Hall which has led to the closing of Station 2 East Harwich, Massachusetts intentionally jeopardizing the safety and welfare of the good residents of Harwich and its Fire, EMT/Paramedics and Police Officers, this notice is to announce my campaign to protest w/hand-held sign in front of Station 2 commencing immediately and throughout Harwich from 5:30 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. until the Engine 64 is restored to full manpower and Station 2 is reopened w/o interruption rather than placing the lives of our fellow neighbors and family as well as first responding men and women in peril.


Christopher Tingus is a 20+ year resident and now registered voter of Harwich , Massachusetts and while


Mr. Tingus has long been recognized for his passion and long-term commitment on behalf of neighbors and public safety officers especially noting his 1,491 hour campaign in rain, snow, wind, and cold, a three-year campaign mustering over 6,000+ citizen petitions and playing a significant role is thwarting the politics of his other home town a number of years ago by the reopening and deployment of vital first response services. Mr. Tingus states that “The closing of Station 2 and the interruption of Engine 64 and Rescue vehicles to Seniors and children in need of dire assistance is unacceptable and depicts another disgusting portrayal of local political agenda and ego versus the best interests of the majority of citizens. 


A “Citizen Petition” led by Mr. Tingus will be considered as well as in initiating an “Independent Fraud Audit” of the Town and School Admin. Books if the lives of citizens and first responding men and women are compromised. 


This failed action on behalf of the “politicians” with a fiduciary commitment as well as a commitment to assure residents that they are provided at least reasonable response times cannot be tolerated.


To allow political agenda to compromise the public safety


of residents as well as Police Officers, Fire Fighters and EMT’s will be addressed for as long as necessary on a daily commitment commencing immediately for as many days, weeks, months and years if so required until the politics of personal agenda willing to allow unnecessary death and injury is resolved by we the people of Harwich, Massachusetts. 


Pls see:


Christopher Tingus


64 Whidah Drive


Harwich , Massachusetts 02645